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Solar Panels in El Dorado County, California

Installing Solar Panels in El Dorado County, California: Costs & More

Key Details

  • As of 2023, the average cost of installing solar panels in El Dorado County is $2.87 per watt.
  • Homeowners in El Dorado County are exempt from paying property taxes on their solar panel systems.
  • Installing Solar Panels typically takes about six years to pay for itself in El Dorado County, California.
  • Residents living in the county can sell their extra energy production back to their local utility company thanks to net metering.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In El Dorado County, CA?

As of 2023, the average cost of installing solar panels in El Dorado County, California, was $2.87 per watt. For a solar energy system with a capacity of 5 kW, the cost of installation in the county of El Dorado ranged from $12,198 to $16,502 per unit.

Purchasing solar panels in El Dorado County comes with potential financial benefits, including tax incentives and rebates.

The initial investment in solar panels is more than offset by the money saved on electricity bills and, in some cases, by rebates.

Taking into account the federal investment tax credit and net energy metering, the typical resident of El Dorado can save thousands of dollars off the net amount that they would have paid initially for the solar panels.

Energy System Size Solar Panel Cost Cost After Credit
3 kW $8,610 $6,371
4 kW $11,480 $8,495
5 kW $14,350 $10,619
6 kW $17,220 $12,743
7 kW $20,090 $14,867
8 kW $22,960 $16,990
9 kW $25,830 $19,114
10 kW $28,700 $21,238
Average Cost Breakdown for Solar Installation in El Dorado County
Cost Per Watt
Monocrystalline Solar Panels $1 to $1.50
Polycrystalline Solar Panels $0.90 to $1
Thin Film Solar Panels $1 to $1.50
Other Costs
Solar Batteries
Cost of Racking $.25 - $.50 per watt.
Installation and soft Costs $2.50 - $4.50 per watt

Are Solar Panels Exempt From Property Taxes In El Dorado County?

In El Dorado County, California, solar panels are free from paying property taxes. Newly constructed homes in California that include an operational solar energy system are free from the state's property tax.

Installing a standard-compliant solar energy system will not result in any change to the property's current tax assessment.

The Active Solar Energy System Exclusion makes it possible for this incentive plan to exist in terms of property taxes, and it provides homeowners with an additional incentive to make the conversion to solar energy.

Requesting information from the office of the county Assessor in El Dorado County is the best way to track down property records in the county. The Assessor's office can be located at
360 Fair Lane,
Placerville, CA 95667,
United States of America.

How Long Does It Take For Solar Panels To Pay For Themselves In El Dorado County?

The 'Return On Investment' for solar panels in El Dorado County, California, is usually calculated to be around six years. Installation costs, utility electricity rates, rebates, and tax credits all have a role in how quickly users might recoup their investment in solar panels.

Normally, your rate of return on investment for your solar energy system would increase in accordance with the system's output. Users can figure this out by subtracting the total cost of installation from the total amount saved on monthly electricity bills and then applying any solar incentives or rebates for solar panels in California.

Let's assume that you invest $20,000 in a solar panel system and are eligible for a tax credit of $4,800; your final cost will be $15,200. It would take about 7.7 years to recoup the cost of installing solar panels if the annual savings of $2,000 were to apply to your electricity bill.

How Can I Sell Solar Energy in El Dorado County?

Residents living in El Dorado County, California, who have installed solar panels can sell their extra energy production to their local utility company thanks to net energy metering (NEM). This efficient billing approach allows homeowners with solar power systems installed in their homes to send any extra energy their system produces back into the regional power grid. On days when their solar energy system is not running at full capacity due to various reasons like cloud cover or precipitation, they will receive a credit for the energy initially stored.

Regulations governing net metering in the state of California were revised in 2023 with NEM 3.0.

California's New Net Metering Rule (NEM 3.0)

In August 2020, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) initiated a new approach to effect such changes. With the new net metering policy, the compensation rates of new solar customers and users in California dropped by 75 percent.

Homeowners and business owners had until April 13, 2023, to submit an application for a full interconnection in order to secure the previously established NEM 2.0 rates for the subsequent 20 years.

However, no changes are made to the service agreements for homeowners who installed a solar system in accordance with NEM 1.0 or NEM 2.0. Existing clients are eligible for all of the benefits of NEM 1.0 and NEM 2.0, and their investments are safeguarded against any changes brought about by NEM 3.0 for the whole 20-year period.

Are Tesla Solar Panels Available in El Dorado County, California?

Tesla Solar Panels are available for residential and commercial property owners in El Dorado County, California. Homeowners can find a certified partner to assist with the installation.

Working with certified Tesla local installers helps ensure that you receive quick rapid help. In addition to that, they will be able to supply you with information about how to get your hands on used solar panels in El Dorado County, California.

How To Find Solar Companies Near Me In El Dorado County, California?

If you are a resident of El Dorado County, California, and you've made the decision to install a solar energy system for your home's electrical energy needs, you'll need a qualified installer. Some of the steps you might want to consider include:

Step 1; Ask From Your Neighbors

Having conversations with your neighbors at home can give you access to a wealth of information about solar companies in El Dorado County, California. Ask them if they know of or can make a recommendation on a reputable solar panel installation business for you. They may also be able to help you with directions to places with the best solar panels for sale in El Dorado County, California.

Step 2. Consult Experts In El Dorado County

It is a wise choice to start looking for a professional local installer in El Dorado County, California, through the local experts in building structures. These experts can aid your search by referring you to a well-known and reliable El Dorado County solar panel installer.

Step 3. Check Reviews

You can locate reputable local solar installers in El Dorado County, California, through the use of user review websites. After narrowing down your search to a select few installers, the next step is to study their reputation by taking your time to check through customer comments on their services. T

Step 4. Make Findings About Their License

To obtain a license to install solar panels in a state, first satisfy the requirements that are specific to that state. These requirements can vary significantly from state to state, depending on the laws and regulations there.

Step 5. Ask Questions About Their Specialization

When you want to have solar panels installed in your home in El Dorado County, it is essential that you work with a qualified specialist who is located in close proximity to you and who is able to install the kind of system that you need.

Step 6. Enquire About Their Warranty Offers

Be sure to confirm if the local installation company of your choice in El Dorado County offers warranties. A company like Sunpower solar panels in El Dorado County may be a good place to start.