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Solar Panels in Los Angeles County, CA

Cost of Installing Solar Panels in Los Angeles County, California

Key Details

  • As of 2023, the average cost to buy and install solar panels in Los Angeles County is between $13,000 and $17,000.
  • California offers an Active Solar Energy System Exclusion for homeowners to be protected from excessive property taxes until 2026.
  • Homeowners in Los Angeles can expect solar panels to pay for themselves within 6-10 years.
  • Net metering tariffs such as NEM 2.0 or NEM 3.0 compensate for excess electricity transmitted to the electric grid.

How much do Solar Panels cost in Los Angeles County, CA?

As of 2023, solar panels in Los Angeles County cost between $13,000 and $17,000. However, the exact cost varies with different system sizes.

For instance, the average 3 kW solar energy system costs approximately $8,600 and $6,300 after the investment tax credit (ITC). California charges around $0.07 more per watt than other states in the USA.

Average cost of Solar Panels in Los Angeles

Energy System Size Solar Panel Cost Cost After Credit
3 kW $8,580 $6,349
4 kW $11,440 $8,466
5 kW $14,300 $10,582
6 kW $17,160 $12,698
7 kW $20,020 $14,815
8 kW $22,880 $16,931
solar panel cost (9).jpg

Depending on the type of solar panel, costs will differ. The following table shows how much different panel types cost to purchase and install.

Average Cost Breakdown for Solar Installation in Los Angeles County
Solar Panel Type Cost Per Watt
Monocrystalline Solar Panels $1 - $1.50
Polycrystalline Solar Panels $.90 - $1
Thin Film Solar Panels $1 - $1.50
Other Costs
Solar Batteries $.4 - $.75
Cost of Racking $.25 - $.50 per watt.
Installation and soft Costs $2.50 - $4.50 per watt

Multiple elements influence the price of Los Angeles solar panels. Some of these include:

  • Type of Panel: The price of solar panels varies by type. For instance, monocrystalline solar panels are more expensive than polycrystalline panels because they are more effective.

  • Brand of the solar panel: The brand you choose to purchase is also important. Tesla solar panels, for instance, will be more expensive than less recognizable brands. However, it is better to buy from good brands since they guarantee quality.

  • Price per Watt: Your solar energy system will be more expensive if the price per watt is higher. For instance, a solar system would be more expensive if its price per watt was high.

Solar Adoption
The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports a 34% rise in household solar power. It also reports that the amount of solar energy produced increased from 2.9 gigawatts to 3.9 gigawatts in 2021

How Long Does it Take for Solar Panels to Pay for Themselves in Los Angeles County?

The common estimate for the payback period of Los Angeles solar panels is six to ten years. Several factors impact how long a solar energy system will take to pay for itself.

For instance, a larger solar energy system will cost more upfront but provide more savings each month.

Additionally, a big increase in your utility's electricity cost could impact your long-term savings. The predicted lifespan and efficiency of contemporary photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are at least 25 years and 80%, respectively.

Even more durable solar panel varieties are being made available today. As a result, even with a ten-year payback time, you can save money on power for an additional fifteen years or more.

Are Solar Panels Exempt from Property Taxes in Los Angeles County?

California offers an Active Solar Energy System Exclusion for property taxes. This exclusion is advantageous for homeowners who employ solar energy systems. Homeowners are not required to pay the alleged "tax on the sun." The state offers this exclusion to advance the objective of using only sustainable energy by 2045.

This provision will protect homeowners from excessive property taxes until 2026.

Note: This exclusion only applies to active solar energy systems, not wind, passive solar energy systems, or solar-heated swimming pools or hot tubs.

Homeowners can access property records in Los Angeles County by contacting the Los Angeles County Assessor’s office at (213) 974-3211 or at the following address.

Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple Street,
Room 225
Los Angeles, CA 90012-2770

The Assessor's office determines the taxable value for all property subject to property taxes in Los Angeles County. The Office also locates and identifies the ownership of all taxable property in the County. In addition, it completes an assessment roll listing all properties' assessed values, applies for all permissible exemptions, and creates the assessor's parcel maps.

Do You Need a Handyman or a Solar Installer in Los Angeles County?

The U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy advises that homeowners hire qualified professionals to help with solar installation. California requires different licenses for solar contractors depending on the type of work they perform:

  • "A" General Engineering Contractors License: This license is required for contractors who perform heavy construction work, such as grading, paving, bridges, and tunneling.
  • "B" General Building Contractors License: This license is required for contractors who construct, alter, repair, or add to any building or structure used as a dwelling or place of business or industrial use.
  • “C-4” Electrical Contractors License: This license is required for contractors who perform electrical work on buildings, structures, or premises.
  • “C-10” Electrical Contractors Low Voltage Systems License: This license is required for contractors who perform low-voltage electrical work, such as security and fire alarms, communications, and audio-visual systems.
  • “C-36” Plumbing Contractors License: This license is required for contractors who install, repair, alter, or maintain plumbing systems.
  • C-46” Solar Contractors License: This license is required for contractors who design, install, maintain, or repair solar energy systems.
  • “C-53” Swimming Pool Contractors License: This license is required for contractors who construct, repair, or maintain swimming pools and spas.
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How can I Sell Solar Energy in Los Angeles County?

Net metering allows customers to sell the surplus energy they generate at a price. Customers in Los Angeles also receive bill credits for the extra energy they send to the California electrical grid.

Customers who generate their electricity are widely referred to as “customer-generators.”

Prior to April 2023, the CPUC used a NEM tariff commonly referred to as NEM 2.0. Customers who applied for NEM 2.0 were required to meet the following requirements.

  • Customers with solar installations under 1 megawatt are required to pay an interconnection fee. The existing interconnection fees for each IOU will be used to calculate this fee.
  • Customer generators are mandated to pay nominal fees for every kWh of grid electricity they use.
  • Customer generators must agree to serve on a Transfer to time-of-use basis to apply NEM 2.0.

NetMetering 3.0

On December 15, 2022, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved the decision to revise net metering tariffs, which established the Net Billing Tariff. This new tariff, now known as NEM 3.0 replaced NEM 2.0.

Customers that filed an interconnection request on or after April 15, 2023, are subject to the NBT. Under NEM 3.0, net metering compensation rates for new customer-generators will likewise be reduced substantially by roughly 75%.

NEM 3.0 was deployed to reduce compensation for excess electricity transmitted to the electric grid. Many states, including California, grant credits for exported solar energy that is equal to the retail price of electricity. In such cases, one-to-one net metering is utilized. Customers get credit for solar exports at the same rate they get for electricity from the grid as a result.

In NEM 3.0, the structure changes from net-metering to net-billing. Essentially, your utility will set separate pricing for any electricity you transmit to the grid. Additionally, it won't be based on your regular electricity pricing.

Are Tesla Solar Panels Available in Los Angeles County, California?

Yes, homeowners can buy Tesla solar panels in Los Angeles County. Tesla solar panels can cost anywhere between $11,000 to $23,000, depending on the panel size. For instance, 8 kW Tesla solar panels cost around $12,000, while 16.3 kW solar panels cost slightly over $23,000.

Tesla Solar ROof.JPG

Tesla teams up with Certified Solar Roof Installers in Los Angeles County to make the installation of solar panels easier. Homeowners can also access the Tesla app, software upgrades, and other benefits after the Certified Installer commissions their solar system.

Do Solar Panels Increase a Home Value in Los Angeles County?

Yes, solar panels can increase a home's value in Los Angeles County. According to studies, homes with solar panels sell for around 4.1% more than homes without. On average, homes with solar panels in Los Angeles County can see an increase in value of about $15,000 to $20,000.

However, it's important to note that the exact amount of value added will vary based on several factors such as:

  • Location: Homes in areas with high electricity costs, abundant sunlight, and strong renewable energy incentives will generally see a higher increase in value.
  • Size and type of solar system: Generally, larger and more advanced systems will result in a higher increase in value.
  • Age of the solar energy system: A newer solar system will generally result in a higher increase in value compared to an older one.
  • System replacement value: How expensive or difficult parts of your system would be to replace affects the added value of the system overall.
  • Home's overall condition: The home's overall condition will also affect the increase in value. A well-maintained home with a solar system will generally see a higher value increase than a poorly-maintained home with a solar system.
Solar home value (1).jpg

How to Find Solar Companies Near Me in Los Angeles County, California?

Follow these five easy steps to find solar companies near you.

STEP 1: Determine your energy needs and goals

Understanding your energy needs and goals will help you determine the size and type of solar system you need.

STEP 2: Research potential Los Angeles solar companies near me

Using your preferred search engine, research likely companies using keywords like "Los Angeles solar companies near me" or "California solar companies near me."

STEP 3: Check the company's credentials and reviews

Once you have a list of potential solar companies, it's important to check their credentials and reviews. Look for companies that are licensed, insured, and have a good reputation in the industry. Be sure to confirm the installer’s licensing status. You can also read customer reviews to see what others say about the company's services and products.

STEP 4: Request quotes from multiple solar companies

Request quotes from various companies. This will help you compare prices and services and find the best deal for your needs.

STEP 5: Choose a solar company that meets your needs and budget

Ask any questions about the company's products, services, and installation process. You may also request references from previous customers.